15 Easy Step By Step Valentine’s Day Make Up Tutorials For Beginners & Learners 2016

15-Easy-Step-By Step-Valentine's-Day-MakeUp-Tutorials-For-Beginners-&-Learners-2016-F

Tutorials that are available online provide a great help to all the beginners and learners. Just by following simple steps one can easily learn the appropriate techniques that can aid one in doing a better version of the task. Makeup is not a child’s play although you can do a very fine makeup by learning […]


20 Valentine’s Day Face Makeup Ideas, Looks & Trends 2016


Valentine’s Day suggests romantic events and get-together parties for which women have to dress up beautifully in order to become belle of the ball room. Makeup is as essential as wearing awesome attires as face is the index of mind so classy make ups are preferable to enhance women’s looks. Today I am showcasing 20 […]


15 Skeleton Halloween Makeup Ideas, Looks & Trends 2015

If you are wishing to get the best ideas of Halloween then the posts I have been showcasing before you will for sure open up a mega factory of ideas for you. Different terrible avatars are to be chosen on Halloween day because people want to look different and yet so dreadful on October 31st. […]


15 Witch Halloween Makeup Ideas, Looks & Trends 2015

Halloween is not so far and there are some really important preparations to be done before the arrival of the event. As far as accessories and dresses are concerned they have to be spooky enough to go with the theme of Halloween. The ambiance should also reflect the aura of horror. Anyway my today’s post […]