15 Cat Halloween Makeup Ideas, Looks & Trends 2015


Halloween is not so far and there are some really important preparations to be done before the arrival of the event. As far as accessories and dresses are concerned they have to be spooky enough to go with the theme of Halloween. The ambiance should also reflect the aura of horror. Anyway my today’s post […]


15 Zombie Halloween Makeup Ideas, Looks & Trends 2015


Halloween comes to scare us every year and each time it is different and altogether more exciting when we get other thunderstruck at the ugly and spooky appearances we put up. Dreadful dresses are truly apt to horrify people around and that’s the real game of Halloween. So today I am unleashing 15 Zombie Halloween […]


15 Clown Halloween Makeup Ideas, Looks & Trends 2015


Halloween is here and we all are desperately excited about it because it is the only peculiar event that has more to do with fun and enjoyment where we dress up so congenially and we frighten our fellow creatures with our weird looks to the maximum. Well that all goes with the limits because the […]


15 Skull Halloween Makeup Ideas, Looks & Trends 2015


Halloween is here yet again and we are all gearing up to celebrate the fun and loads of spookiness. I am sure on this Halloween the fervour will be doubled because people are more aware about the happenings and occasions, they go for them accordingly. On Halloween day where dreadful avatars are followed blindly, make […]


15 Vampire Halloween Makeup Ideas, Looks & Trends 2015


There is only one event I like, and that’s Halloween day. I make special purchases on the occasion of Halloween, malls and markets open up their sale stocks in the month of October so people can get an easy access to Halloween stuff which includes pumpkins decorations, horrifying hats, ghost avatars and witches costumes. You […]